The Deeper Meaning

A month after the Silent Rivers 25th Anniversary, dsmMagazine Unveiling Party, Chaden Halfhill’s team is still feeling the love and appreciation from those who attended the event in the 6th Avenue Corridor.

They are grateful for the connection’s that helped them make an impact in the community and especially for the inspiration people experienced from the synergies.

It was a beautiful experience to see the event’s deeper meaning take hold on everyone as they witnessed the power that art, culture and diversity have to connect and inspire people.

On the evening of October 29, the courtyard of a gutted historical building at 1601 6th Avenue was a joyous gathering spot to hundreds immersing themselves in a creative atmosphere of inclusivity!

This video by Hannah Wright sums up what it meant to the community.

Halfhill, C. (2018, November 29). The Deeper Meaning behind the Silent Rivers dsm Unveiling Party.