Music Scene Des Moines, Iowa


LUCY ARNELL is an American indie rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from New York City currently living in Los Angeles. Her style is defined by her obsession with the guitar itself, heavily influenced by ‘60s artists.

ODD PETS is an alternative rock band comprising of Andy Buch and Lisa Burner. Reminiscent of old-Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Odd Pets’ sound is the result of raw and untainted song writing and musicianship.

CROOKED TORUS is a musical set of dicephalic parapagus twins, the living embodiment of that psychotropic drip in the back of your nasal passage. They invite you to lie down in the grass, to gaze fondly at the heavens… to close your eyes and become your very own laser light show, to feel the poly rhythmic pulse of their aura. Crooked Torus wishes you no harm, they simply seek to guide you through until your next journey begins.

The Yacht Club, 2617 Ingersoll, Des Moines, Iowa 50312