Art Week DSM Recaptured

Riverview Artist Salon 16
Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
Des Moines Social Club, The Basement

Photographs by Dan Troxell


Opening the night was writer, actor, show runner, improv artist, emcee, and poet, Jon E. Duh-Moyne.  Jon is slam master of the Des Moines Poetry Slam  with Kevin Marken behind the scenes.  Jon co-hosts the recurring monthly poetry slam at 7:00 p.m., every third Tuesday at Java Joes CoffeeHouse, 214 Fourth Street., in beautiful Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Sign-up starts at 6:30 p.m., and slams often wrap up at around 9:30 p.m.


The Iowa Arts Council serves as Iowa’s state arts agency and works to empower Iowa to build and sustain culturally vibrant communities by cultivating creativity, learning and participation in the arts. Their discussion highlighted the Arts Council’s resources and opportunities for individual artists and arts nonprofits, and included an overview of the agency’s initiatives to activate the arts in rural communities


Entrepreneur, artist, educator, community leader, environmental and sustainability advocate Chaden Halfhill is owner and chief visionary of Silent Rivers Design+Build. Always motivated by opportunity to make things better creatively, Chaden is first a fine artist and sculptor.

Chaden looked at Art Advocacy through two lenses; 1) As an artist looking to generate the community he would like to thrive in, and 2) As a business looking to foster relationships with those that want a creative dynamic community and reaching those that support and desire creative spaces.


The Red Door Press is a print + design studio run by a husband and wife team (Tammy and Adam Winn) located in Mainframe Studios in Des Moines, Iowa that specializes in creating posters, broadsides, social stationery, cards, and other ephemera using the traditional letterpress printing process. Officially started in 2012 with a single press and a small handful of type, the studio got its name from a particular red door which they visit each year. Founded on the idea of remembering their past, today they have grown to over twenty presses and an ever-growing collection of type — and they’re not slowing down.

Alyssa Leicht is a music and portrait photographer based in Des Moines, Iowa. She tours with bands, documenting the lives of musicians behind-the-scenes and offstage to provide their fans a picture of life as an artist on the road, sharing intimate moments music consumers wouldn’t ordinarily see. She also photographs numerous concerts and festivals spanning many genres throughout the year. Her work has been featured in various publications, both national and local, as well as displayed in group and solo exhibitions in the Des Moines area.

Robert Moore is an emerging Iowa artist, and art entrepreneur, who specializes in using rich texture and color with his mixed-medium abstract and expressionism art.  Many of his pieces are in private collections in IA, WA and CA.

Robert is also the CEO + Founder of MOREZARTE™ which was birthed in early 2019 in his home office. Robert, a seasoned corporate executive built MOREZARTE™ with the buyer and artist in mind before any business benefits or functions. Robert, an art buyer himself, related to challenges buyers and artists faced in the industry and wants to fill the gap in the art buying model.