Parranderos Latin Combo

Travesuras features Juan Sebastian Ramirez Espinosa on vocals, Jose Angel “Joey” Camarillo on tuba, Edward “La Vara” Montoya on Bombardino and Johan Sebastian “Eyes” Perez Correa on clarinet. Darwin Salas on backing vocals and Fernando Aveiga on bass and accordion. Juan Carlos Chaurand and Ryan Mullin on percussion. Engineered by Heriberto C. Roque Perez, mixed and mastered by Jose Angel “Joey” Camarillo .

Travesuras is PLC’s first single from El Gran Chantaje, a collection of 13 songs created with over 40 collaborators recorded in Des Moines, Medellin, Kansas City, Mexico City, Paris, Council Bluffs, Minneapolis, and Santo Domingo.

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