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Midwest Singer-Songwriter

Midwest singer-songwriter Chad Elliott blends folk roots, swampy blues and soulful writing to deliver an original Americana sound. His live performances have been honed over a decade of being on the road performing more than 200 shows each year. Elliott is lauded as “Iowa’s Renaissance man” by Culture Buzz Magazine. He has penned more than 1,500 songs in his career while also cultivating his skills as a painter, sculptor, illustrator and author (Wilderman’s Treetop TalesRumble & Flash).

2021 Tour Schedule

Art Week Des Moines 2021

River City Art and Music held it’s 21st Riverview Artist Salon on Wednesday, June 23rd at xBk Live in the Drake University neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa.

This two-hour in-person, and live streamed event, included poetry, presentations, and a live performance by Des Moines Hip-Hop artist, Billy “B. Well” Weathers. The event was streamed on xBk Live’s YouTube channel. In-person, free will donation tickets benefited the B. Well Foundation of Des Moines. Programming begins at 4:32 minutes. Enjoy!

Art Exhibition

“Flora” Botanical Explorations by Greater Des Moines Artists

Curated by Local Artist, Katie Jensen of Des Moines, Iowa

The Equitable Building, Upper Lobby
604 Locust, Des Moines, Iowa

July 25th – Oct 12th
9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Visitors can access the upper lobby from the elevator or stairs on the main floor of the building or from the skywalk. Skywalk door closes at 7:00 p.m.

Exhibiting Artists

Zachary Brown
Johnathan Fusco
Marielle Gonzales
Megan Hammer
Katie Jensen
Genevieve LaValle
Antoinette LaValle
Christine Ledo
Devin McMillen
James Navarro
Jess Quinn
Taylor Ross

About the Curator

Katie learned the process of putting an exhibition together as well as the ins and outs of running a gallery space at The Anderson Gallery at Drake University while working towards her BFA in Painting. She collaborated with this group of fellow Des Moines artists to bring together this exhibition for all to enjoy and collect. All artwork is tagged with information on how to purchase and/or connect with the Artist through Instagram.

Questions regarding artwork in this exhibition can be directed to Katie Jensen (@kt_katnipz) or Jimmy Navarro (@jimmynavarroart) through Instagram.

Iowa Based Photographer


Alan Jacobs is a Des Moines, Iowa based photographer. He has won local, national, and international awards for his images. His images have appeared in books, publications, galleries, homes, and businesses around the world.  He sells his artistic images through galleries, art shows and some for hire work.  Alan photographs Art Week Des Moines and the Des Moines Arts Festival and since Art Week was mainly virtual this year, he complied some images from the last couple of years into this wonderful video.

To find out more about Alan Jacobs and to purchase his images, please visit  Alan is also a featured artist on Alexander’s Photo’s website  Check it out!

Art Week Des Moines 2020


River City Art and Music (RCAM) has closely monitored information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) about COVID-19.  Given this is a dynamic and ever evolving situation, in person Riverview Artist Salon events at xBk Live in August and October have been cancelled.

In lieu of in person events, RCAM will open it’s online platforms to ALL Iowa artists FREE of charge.  Iowa artists, musicians, and arts related organizations and businesses can share their words, sounds, passions and works during the following time periods:

  • RAS21 – Wed, Aug 12 – Sun, Aug 23
  • RAS22 – Wed, Oct 14 – Sun, Oct 25

If you are interested in FREE online promotion via Instagram, Facebook and on, send email to and include your name, creative endeavor/s and the name of the Iowa town/city in which you live.  Promotions will run during the time periods listed above.  If you need help in creating a promotion, RCAM will help you create one from images, video, and text you provide.

For over 5 years, RCAM has provided opportunities to all with a passion for the arts and maintains an intentional focus on ensuring inclusion regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, or socioeconomic backgrounds. RCAM celebrates individuality and invites ALL to experience, to engage, and to connect with Iowa’s creative community.

MISSION: To elevate the status of ALL creatives living in our cities and state and to provide a center for networking, public engagement, new ideas, personal development, and artistic growth.

Follow River City Art and Music on Instagram and Facebook, as well as here on  RCAM shares Iowa Creative’s stories and information, injects insight and inspiration into their worlds, and keeps all followers abreast of art and music news from Iowa and around the world.

Art Week Des Moines 2020


Protest art acts as an important tool to form social consciousness, create networks, operate accessibly, and be cost-effective. Social movements produce such works as the signs, banners, posters, and other printed materials used to convey a cause or message. Often, such art is used as part of demonstrations or acts of civil disobedience. These works tend to be ephemeral, characterized by their portability and disposability, and are frequently not authored or owned by any one person. The various peace symbols, and the raised fist are two examples that highlight the democratic ownership of these signs.


Art Week Des Moines 2020


Founded in 2007, the After-School Arts Program (ASAP) connects underserved 1st–8th graders in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, with challenging, enriching arts experiences and provides quality instruction from professional teaching artists who lead studios ranging from ceramics and painting to drumming and dance.

To learn more about ASAP, watch a 3-minute YouTube video produced for the Bravo Greater Des Moines Gala this past February.


Art Week Des Moines 2020


Champagne Harrington is a Des Moines native, a mentor, and a spoken word artist. Known for spoken word performances that are raw, passionate and anthems of self-love. Champagne recently graced the stage of Teresa Zilk’s, “Stories to Tell My Daughter“, a storytelling event at Grandview College where wit, grit, and wisdom ruled the evening.

Hear Champagne’s latest poems on Facebook:

Art Week Des Moines 2020


Rob Stephens is a print maker who creates works using paint, silkscreen, comic book sequences, and monumental woodcut prints. His works employ a heavy gestural line and saturated color, often at odds with the themes and narratives depicted. He was a professor of art teaching painting, printmaking, drawing and art history. He was a visiting artist at Mission Graphica in San Francisco, and assisted in numerous print workshops across the country, including those at Frogman’s Press and Tom Huck’s Evil Prints. His salacious tell-all comic features “Good Kid Rob,” a neurotic alter-ego. His work is shown nationally and is represented by Moberg Gallery.

Follow River City Art and Music on Instagram (@rivercityartandmusicdsm) and Facebook to view daily posts of Rob’s new series, Global Staycation 2020, Plague Edition during Art Week Des Moines 2020.

To read more about Rob Stephens, and to purchase his work, please visit

Art Week Des Moines 2020

Art Week Des Moines 2020

Running Friday, June 19th through Friday, June 26th,  the 6th Annual Art Week Des Moines is a decentralized and collaborative community platform that includes a host of events—mostly free—involving nearly every art form, such as theater, music, dance, visual art, film and the culinary arts.

With consideration for safety concerns due to COVID-19, this years events are online through a number of platforms as well as in our communities,  viewable from a safe, social distance.


In it’s 4th year, Riverview Artist Salon is a grass roots community of full time, part time, emerging and returning Iowa Creatives from all disciplines, as well as businesses, organizations, educators and advocates of Iowa Art and Culture.

River City Art and Music hosts yearly events that provide Creatives with an opportunity to share their words, sounds, passions and works with an audience  during a two hour program that includes spoken word, art advocacy, community outreach, creative showcase and pop-up art show.  Past events were held at the Des Moines Social Club, The John and Mary Education Center, Mainframe Studios and xBk Live (it’s current location).

For Art Week, River City Art and Music has organically curated Central Iowa Creatives for  it’s online event, RAS20:  GRASSROOTS : GROWN FROM THE SOIL.  View works and actions posted daily from the local level as they effect change at the local, regional, national, or international level through creative expression on River City Art and Music and Riverview Artist Salon’s Instagram and Facebook pages as well as here at 

MISSION: To elevate the status of creatives living in our cities and state and to provide a center for networking, public engagement, new ideas, personal development and artistic growth.