CHAD ELLOTT strives to create music and art that inspires, uplifts and moves his audience emotionally by relating life experiences through dream-like imagery. In his Wilderman’s exhibit series, he additionally hopes to inspire families to think about creating and nature as a whole mind project through painting, writing and song.

CODY SHERMAN is a 2013 graduate of Iowa State University with a BFA in Integrated Studio Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking.  Using relief printmaking as a medium allows him to show the images he wants and still have the freedom to inform his viewer in different ways, by altering it with different mediums.

CELESTE MORENO graduated with a degree in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration and is currently working on obtaining an Creative Technologies and Design at the University of Colorado Boulder in order to pursue her goal of creating engaging learning experiences.

ADAM VAN WYK is a lightning-fast storyboard artist who specializes in ‘splodey things for Warner direct-to-video projects, Warner TV animation,  feature films and Marvel TV and video.

AMY PUTNEY KOENIG is a prolific artist who creates collages, paintings and murals for individuals and businesses.  She was introduced to collage almost 30 years ago by a design professor at Iowa State University.

CAROLINE SALLEN majored in fiber art at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.  Her hand-dyed silk scarves are created using professional quality acid dyes and chemicals.

CLAIRE SEDOVIC  studied graphic design where she developed an understanding of the interplay between text and imagery and continued to work with her hands to gain a printmaking minor.

CHRISTOPHER CHIAVETTA is a visual artist who lives and works in Des Moines, IA.  He creates abstract paintings that navigate our multilayered environment that is by turns primordial and manufactured- and increasingly virtual.

ANDERS ROSBOUROUGH collaborative experiences with other artists, design professionals and clients has provided him with opportunities to approach his work each time with a different perspective. He is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in illustration and public art.

ANNA FREDERICK is a designer specializing in sign painting and hand lettering.  She loves giving words and letters a voice. Be it a logotype or hand-painted sign for your business, lettering to hang on your wall, apparel design, or anything else letter-related, she’s your gal.

ANDREA FERRIGNO is inspired and informed by the systems of science and mathematics and how those systems describe natural phenomena. Through her work, she pursues the juxtapositions of the following assumed dichotomies: stillness and motion, matter and energy, experience and information, and their synergy in space and time.

BRITTNI JENSEN is from Waterloo Iowa. She started drawing at 8 years old when she discovered “Teen Titans” and has not stopped drawing since. About 8 years ago she started dabbling in digital art, using Sai and her bamboo ‘fun’ small tablet.

CATHERINE DREISS has been working almost exclusively with woodcuts for the past 20 years that are based on photographs and appropriated patterns.  Much of her work involves a fascination with the human desire for meaning and how we create and interpret signs.