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Riverview Artist Salon is a two hour programmed event that provides Iowa’s creative community with an opportunity to share their words, sounds, passions and works in a public setting.

Programming includes:

  • Spoken Word (15 Min.)
    • Are you a poet, writer, author, novelist, actor/actress, comedian, etc.?  Do you use words as your creative medium?  This segment is for word artists to share their latest poem, try out new material, read from a new book, rehearse a short scene from an upcoming play.
  • Art Advocacy (15 Min.)
    • Do you advocate for the Arts or advocate for a cause through your art?  This segment is for Art advocates/activists to share information about their organization/non profit or cause.
  • Community Outreach (15 Min.)
    • Are you a business or non profit that supports Iowa Art communities or incorporates the arts in your mission?  Are you an artist that reaches out to your community through your art?  This segment is for you to share information about your business, non profit or community service.
  • Creative Showcase (30 Min.)
    • This feature segment provides a solo or collaborative opportunity for Iowa’s creative community to share their words, sounds, passions and works.
  • Pop-Up Art Show/Exhibition (Set-up/Take-Down Before/After Event)
    • River City Art and Music provides Iowa’s Visual Artists with an opportunity to show and sell their works at each Riverview Artist Salon.

If you are an Iowa Creative or support Iowa’s Creative Community, and are interested in participating in a Riverview Artist Salon, please complete the form below.