Art in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Michael S. Ryan and Connie Gross have a way with color that is captivating, compelling the viewer to ask themselves, “How did they do that?” The answer? Through nuance of color.”

“Michael paints landscapes and interior views. He is always striving for that perfect mix of color, line, brushwork, size, and harmony that will make that perfect painting…something poetic”.

“Connie paints abstracts, landscapes and florals and inspires the viewer through color, movement, texture and the play of light through positive and negative shapes.”

“The greatest secret artists have, is how they manipulate hue, tint, shade, tone, saturation, luminosity, chromaticity, brightness, grayscale, vanishing boundaries, undertones, glazes, transparency, reversed grounds, illusion, vibration, temperature, and intensity.”

“Even without a full semester of color theory by Joseph Albers, you can see Mike and Connie’s aptitude when you look at their paintings – they work – you don’t know why, but you see it and feel it.” – Black Earth Gallery

Black Earth Gallery

1010 3rd Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401. Suite 2, On the Alley in the New Bo Arts & Entertainment District